Empowering Farmers Through Innovation

Revolutionizing farming practices in Malawi with expert guidance and high-quality products.

Challenges Faced by Farmers

Limited Access

Farmers struggle to access quality crop protection products and expert agronomy services.

Water Management

Inefficient water supply and irrigation systems hinder optimal crop growth and yields.

Profitability Concerns

Farmers face challenges in maximizing profits due to low yields and market uncertainties.

Sustainability Issues

Balancing productivity with environmental and sustainable farming practices poses a significant challenge.

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Crop Protection

we offer advisory services on management of pests, develop tailored pest control programms, offer trainings on crop protection and sell pest control products.

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we offer trainings on production and management of various crops, Farm development, tailored crop nutrition programmes

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Irrigation and Water Supply

We design and install different types of irrigation and water supply systems, install submersible and surface water pumps, conduct geophysical surveys, Well pump tests, sale irrigation and water supply equipment

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About Us

Our Journey to Success

Founded in 2022, Crop-Consult has been dedicated to empowering farmers and enhancing agricultural practices.
Our approach focuses on innovative solutions, expert guidance, and serving clients nationwide.

Benefits of Choosing Crop-Consult

Discover how our services can enhance your agricultural productivity and profitability.

Increased Yields

Our tailored programs and top-quality products lead to improved crop yields.

Expert Guidance

Benefit from the expertise of our team in crop protection, agronomy, and irrigation.

Sustainable Practices

Embrace sustainable agriculture with our environmentally conscious farming solutions.


Ready to transform your farming practices? Get in touch with us today!

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